Arsenal win the FA Cup 2017

2017 May 27

Created by Jonathan one year ago

Gav was a massive Arsenal fan.  I didn't discover this until long after uni, I think because we both assumed the other one wasn't into football so we never talked about it.  Gav and I would meet up in town to watch the big games in pubs and chat about the team all the time, but we rarely got to see them play - usually the odd pre-season or minor game where we could actually get hold of tickets. 

So to get to actually be at Wembley for the final was a huge deal   He was massively excited - we got scarves and everything - and had to endure a train load of aggressive Chelsea fans before we made it to the VIP area (I had been given the tickets by a family whose kid I'd tutored).  We got champagne and posh snacks and to top it all off, Arsenal actually won! 

I didn't see Gav often in the last few years - he had troubles with work and less means to travel, as well as struggling generally to get out.  But this was a great day out.  Gav was never in the mood for photos, but I did manage to sneak one as the trophy was being paraded.  He's pissed off in the picture because I'd snuck the shot, but it's the last image I have of him, so I'm glad I took it (!)